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The educational activities of the Institute are managed by the PACKAGING  EDUCATION BOARD.  The purpose of this board is not only to administer the educational opportunities offered by the Institute, but also, through its Chairman, to monitor existing packaging courses, to keep in contact with local industry on an ongoing basis so as to ensure that courses remains relevant, and to keep in touch with members of the World Packaging Organization so as to monitor and keep abreast of world wide educational opportunities and standards generally.

The chairman of the board turns for advice and guidance to  persons highly placed in industry in regard to the content and the relevance of the course generally.

The members of the board are those responsible for administering the course, and in most cases, for lecturing, in the various regions of the institute.

The Board meets annually to review the past academic year and plan for the year ahead.  It last met in November 2014 – see educational picture gallery for photographs.

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